Mission and Project Goals

The SMarTForests project builds on a decade of research discoveries in spruce genomics by previous projects: Arborea led by Laval University and Treenomix, led by the University of British-Columbia. These groups have developed extensive background knowledge and know-how to enable the proposed research. Our mission is, first, to break new ground in spruce genome sequencing and strongly represent Canada in international conifer genome initiatives, and secondly, to achieve efficient translation of results toward end-users from across Canada. The SMarTForests team members are joining forces and integrating their activities to support this mission.

The SMarTForests project has three major goals:

  1. Develop marker systems
  2. Sequence the white spruce genome (public sequence data access)
  3. Analyze impacts of forest genomics

For a quick overview of our project plan, don’t hesitate to consult the lay summary and the scientific summary. For more details, please refer to the Project Overview and Research Activities.

The SMarTForests project is funded by Genome Canada, Genome Quebec, Genome BC, and Genome Alberta.