Phenotyping Data

Several thousand black and white spruce trees have been genotyped to identify their gene variants (SNP). In parallel, the same trees were measured for a large number of dendrometric and physico-mechanical properties (diameter, height, wood density, MFA, fibre dimensions, etc.). Using association studies, it was possible to statistically link gene variants and desirable attributes such as fast growth and higher-quality wood. Two association studies realized on white spruce by Jean Beaulieu are described in Heredity 113:343-352 (2014) and Genetics 188(1):197-224 (2011), please click for links.

All phenotypic data used for these studies are available on the TreeSource platform of the Canadian Wood Fibre Centre (CWFC). TreeSource is a long term curated database supported by the CWFC. For more information or to submit your data, please contact Sébastien Clément  at